Quick chat with Astro Gang

What new music have you been working on?

Lately we’ve been shooting visuals for a few songs from our recent tapes and working on our  N.W.A. (Ni**as With Ambition) mixtape

I heard through the wire that a major record label was interested, can you talk a little bit about that.

Due to the circumstances that the deal is not finalized, our overseer GoDj Star recommend that we don’t speak on it just yet. 

What’s next for Astro Gang?

Next for Astro Gang, is mainly just gaining a more broader fan base and giving them good quality music.  

Jonesboro is behind you guys 100 percent because thats  y’all hometown, what other cities embrace the music?

Well every since Monroe, LA’s radio station 100.1 The Beat has been spinning the “We The Gang” tracks, most of North Louisiana has been on our side. 

What’s one thing people don’t know about Astro Gang?

The way we came up with the name (Laughs). 

Talk about y’all recording process. Do you write the hook first? Verse first?

Well me (Dee Jackson) personally, I have a couple different ways. Sometimes I may write a verse then find a better beat that it could fit to and build a chorus around it or I just come up with a chorus to the beat first and get a verse together . 

How’s it like balancing school & music?

It’s tough actually, because we like to record mostly at night so most nights we just don’t go to sleep so we can be up for morning class and end up not concentrating in class. But since I recorded alot of music over the summer, I won’t really have to worry as much about the music this semester. 

Any new artist you recently worked with?

You’ll find out real soon. 

You guys are the new wave of music, What new artist are you feeling now?

Future is a big influence as far as motivation just watching his grind consistency. 

After Astro gang reaches its pinnacle,does D.Jackson have plans on dropping solo?

Droppin solo, as in making my own music is something that I do now. We will always make individual songs.


-Interview by Trent Brown