New GSU police chief brings wealth of experience


Grambling State University recently named Michael Storr as the new Chief of police in May of 2012. Chief Storr assumed his duties as GSU Chief of Police June 4.

Former GSU Chief of Police Sgt. Freddy Peterson is currently serving as the Interim Assistant Chief of Police.  

Storr’s received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology in 1980. In 2005, he earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Langston in 2005.  

Chief Storr’s police experience began in 1981 in his native home of Nassau, Bahamas. While his tenure in Nassau, Chief Storr served for ten years with the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

He later moved to Langston, Okla. in 1996 to continue his career at Langston University. He was promoted from patrol officer to Chief of Police in 2007, a position he held until his recent opportunity at GSU

His tenure as patrol officer and as Chief has been great for both Storr and the people of Langston University. Everyone gave him a great deal of respect from the students to the faculty and also the parents. He has made an impact on the University and the communities that he has worked in. 

“Chief Storr brought major impacts to Langston, he was a well-trained police officer with a great deal of experience and he was a family oriented person,” said Dr. JoAnn Haysbert former Langston University President.

He received a great deal of mutual respect of both the college students and faculty. To him it was his duty to know the student body personally.He also was an officer who could give great advice and to mentor young males.

” The students loved him and respected him, some males even viewed him as a father figure. He earned this great deal of respect because he understands higher education and understands the students,” said Haysbert

He communicates well with them and he always let the students know of their expectations of appropriate college behavior and their job is to go to school and receive an education. 

“He was an activist, he fully understood the operation of the University and he kept it safe not just for students but for also the staff,” said  Haysbert.  

Storr’s first intention is not to arrest an individual but when behavior is escalated to that consequence his suspects go without protest but go with remorse. 

Illegal drug activity occurs heavily in most colleges and universities and it will take a lot of work to try to get rid of it completely. Storr plans to make GSU as safe as possible for both the students and faculty and to keep the Tiger spirit positive. 

“What I will bring to GSU is my very best to serve and protect, I will do my very best to clean illegal activity up and heavily enforcing the law,” said Storr. 

He is excited to continue his long successful career at GSU. His family are all ready to back him up and do their very best to make GSU and the surrounding area as safe as possible.

“This is a well-known institute of higher learning and this is one of the best opportunities anyone could receive,” said Storr.