Miss Black & Gold welcomes

Welcome to a new exciting adventure and learning experience at Grambling State University! I would like to welcome you to our new academic year, 2012-2013. For returning faculty, staff and students, I trust that your summer was on that was productive and intellectually stimulating as we as restful. For our new faculty, staff, and students, please allow me to extend a special welcome to the University community and family.

It is with great joy that I reintroduce myself to you as Kimberly Campbell, Miss Black and Gold 2011-2012, a graduating senior psychology student with a concentration in sociology from the vibrant island of Jamaica. I charge you today to take ownership of your success and harm yourself with knowledge and the necessary tools in order to have a successful college career:  


• Trust in GOD- Without God nothing is possible

• Class attendance really does correlate with your grade – GO TO CLASS BE 

• ON TIME TO CLASS – Walking in late distracts both the professor and other 


• Study!  This may be a case of stating the obvious but you’d be surprised how 

many students don’t bother.

• Become involved in your community- Being involved in campus organiza

tions not only aids in networking but in developing socialization and leadership 



if you are in a new town. Be aware of support services. You never know when 

you (or a friend) may need help.


Members of staff are here to help anyone who wants to learn. Whether you are here for an education or career training and development, then establish your priorities and commit to becoming the best that you can be. I pray that we encourage one another and bring someone along has you climb the ladder of success.

I wish everyone a productive semester and welcome to my home away from home Grambling State University a Place Where Everybody is somebody!