King Perspective


Greetings to the male freshmen class of 2016, being a senior at Gambling State, I want to share a little insight as to what’s to come within the next few years of college. 

I understand that this is your first few days in college and there are a variety of women, parties, and plenty of fun to have, but let’s not forget your true mission which is to graduate.

Not only that, but also to network and get involved with your university. Joining organizations, helping out with the community, attending seminars that are provided to you all are beneficial as we all try our best to guide you all on your way to greatness. 

This is college, know that the opportunity to succeed is great, but the opportunity to fail can be even greater without the proper self-discipline.  Go out have fun but manage your time, do a little studying before you head out to parties and trust it’ll benefit you in the end. 

Avoid waiting until the next morning to do an assignment. It’s very stressful, it can cause you to perform poorly, and it will distract you from reaching your full potential. Also, don’t wait until your last two years to work extremely hard. You can work hard your first two and cruise the rest of the way. Another topic I’d like to briefly touch on would be relationships and the women you’ll encounter. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to come across females, especially at Grambling State, but keep in mind the right ones will be the ones that come when you’re on top of your game. I’m a walking testimony, but for the most part I want you males to get out and enjoy your life because college will be the best years of your life so far. 

Whether you decide to take up majors in engineering, psychology, mass communications, criminal justice, etc., just get out in the world, filled with mistakes to be made, and lessons to be learned. Mature and grow within your community and provide for your environment.



Percell Johnson is a senior psychology major from New Orleans.