Freshmen get taste of Tiger spirit


Known from coast to coast, the university has a prominent name in the Historically Black College world. Home of the World Famed Tiger Marching Band and the late Coach Eddie Robinson, nothing can compare to Grambling’s Tiger Spirit. On Friday, new freshmen and continuing students were treated to a Spirit Rally in the Men’s Gym.

The band got the crowd jumping out of their seats and dancing along with them, instantly creating a fun-filled environment.  After the opening performance, Miss Senior Carmen Reeves welcomed the freshmen with open arms and encouraged everyone to have fun during their tenure at Grambling

The president of the Favrot Student Union Board, Kyndra Todd, introduced herself and the rest of the FSUB members. She explained what the organization is all about and how she is looking forward to welcoming interested freshmen into the FSUB ranks. She encouraged them to attend the Freshmen Elections Interest Meeting. 

“I thought that Welcome Week was awesome,” said Todd. “I have been getting back all positive comments from all students, and I hope their positive attitudes continue.” 

Members representing other organizations also introduced themselves and music was provided by popular twin DJs LaMon and LaQuann Wimberly, who are prospective graduating seniors majoring in criminal justice. 

While LaMon was spinning, LaQuann was on the mic pumping the crowd up. The brothers interacted with the audience and played familiar songs from different cities.

This was one of the reasons why Emmanuel Peck enjoyed this year’s Spirit Rally. The senior criminal justice major mentioned how he appreciated the DJs connecting with the crowd. The Spirit Rally went above and beyond compared with previous years, Peck said. 

“It was way better than last year because of the participation,” Peck said. “Everybody got in touch with the crowd.” 

Comparing 2011 Welcome Week with this year, Peck felt the former was dull and not much was offered to motivate students. “This year’s Welcome Week was way more fun and there was much more things to do. It created positive interactions with the student body.”

While the twins were spinning, students got up and went to the center of the gym to show off their dance skills. But it was the band fraternity that set it off with their performance and turned up the audience with their enticing moves. The Kappa Kappa Psi event went up to the crowd during the climax of their performance.  

Grambling’s cheerleaders also performed and helped pump the crowd up, especially at the end of their intricate routines. 

After the Spirit Rally, sophomore Adrianna Gunn, an early childhood education major, was impressed with the turnout of the Welcome Week and Spirit Rally. She commented on the different activities that had been added this week, which she thought was essential for the freshmen’s first experience. 

“This week has taught freshmen about Grambling, who to know, and what friends to make,” Gunn said. 

Junior Class President Jordan Harvey attended the Spirit Rally, along with other SGA members, and they were happy that the Welcome Week was a success for the student body. 

“For SGA, we as a whole were able to get the students involved,” Harvey said. “We were able to reach out to the freshmen, encouraging them to get involved and to stay on top of their school work.”  

Welcome Week activities seemed to put the student body on the right track to success, establishing a strong structure of guidance.