Fresh Linen: Can you smell it in the air?


   Once in a while you will come across artist who has a different sound. Making timeless music should be the goal of any artist. Meet Fresh Linen, Grambling students and future chart toppers. Their music is refreshing and comparable to none. 


Discuss about your music, describe your sound.

Our music is a unique blend of many different genres. You might hear a country, pop, rap, song from Fresh Linen. We’d love for our music to take people places. Our music is full of soul. People often tell us that the music is a breath of fresh air,  hip hop is fine but there is nothing that currently sounds like what were doing.

Where are you from?

We are from east Hammond IN, also Known as East Haiti which is located along Lake Michigan, between Chicago and Gary, IN. 

What new music can we look forward to hearing?

Currently our focus has been on our EP dropping on Oct. 26, self titled Fresh Linen. It is a solid blend of music that will have you listening to it over and over. 

What do u think of the state of hip hop? 

Hip hop is in a good state. If you really listen past some peoples dialects, you will hear a real story. Also some of the music people put into the hip hop category is not hip hop at all. 

Who is your music influences?

Honestly, my father had a big impact on Linen and I. He Introduced us to the sounds of Al Green, Smokey Robinson, Bootsy Collins, James Brown, Gil Scott Heron, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Chaka Chan, and the Chi Lights. The hip hop side of things came for me when I met Nevos’, my brother in law. He introduced me to hip hop like Nas, Fugees, Tupac, Biggie Bone Thugs n Harmony, Do or Die, and even showed me the basics of making beats. Linens Father was a DJ, so he was exposed to all types of music.  

How did you start rapping?

Rapping is not the only thing Fresh Linen does. The music started  when I was seven, I got my first boom box with the recording button on it. I used it to make beats with Nevos’ MPC 60 and I would go in my room and record it in my closet. Linen started Music when he was 11. He started making beats on his ASRX pro. His lyrics where more spoken word back then and people liked it, so he put it in full out rap mode.  

You dropped a mixtape on, talk about the feedback you got from it? 

The Good Will Hunting mixtape was put on DatPiff on April 20, 2011 it had over 65K downloads. Some people said it was to short, others said it was just right.  

Music success is not promised, it comes and goes so do you have a back up plan just in case music falls out?

Currently we are working on a clothing line, we are also putting in the work needed to start our photography and video business. I am currently working at Heavenly Hands Barber shop located in Grambling village. Starting a chain of barber shops is my goal for the future no matter what happens.