Emotional Rihanna speaks with Oprah

On Sunday night, Aug. 19, my roommates and I gathered around the television to view the highly anticipated Oprah and Rihanna interview on OWN Network.  The interview took place in Rihanna’s hometown of Barbados in a gorgeous white mansion.  When we see Rihanna in her music videos, she is all about the leather, outrageous hair, make up, showing skin and is never afraid to say what is on her mind.  

In the interview, she was the complete opposite.  She had on little to no make, long wavy hair, and a beach dress.  She looked like a regular person because as she told Oprah, “I wanted the world to see my true self.”

Throughout the interview, Oprah asked Rihanna questions about what it was like growing up in Barbados, which later resulted in giving a tour of her childhood home. Her family, the music industry, touched on Rihanna’s previous relationship with singer, Chris Brown.  It was evident Oprah had struck a chord when she asked about her and Chris’ relationship beacuse Rihanna quickly became very emotional.  

Even though Rihanna and Chris Brown had an awful breakup, which resulted in violence, Rihanna admitted to the world that they are still trying to work on building their friendship. Not only is she still in love with Chris, but she also forgives him.  I’m sure many viewers were shocked to hear Rihanna forgiving him.  

Most women struggle with hate and anger when they go through domestic violence, but this was not the case for Rihanna.  She wishes nothing but the best for Chris and admitted that she “genuinely does care about him.”

At the end of the interview, Rihanna surprised her mother with a key to the white mansion as a way of thanking her for everything she done for her.  Rihanna succeeded in showing her fans her “true self.” She also exhibited a lot of courage by showing her emotional side and opening herself up to millions of viewers. 

After watching the interview, I can honestly say that I gained a lot of respect for Rihanna and became an even bigger fan.