Comedic impersonations entices students laughter

Thursday night during Welcome Back Week was the comedy show for students and faculty members, held in the T.H. Harris Auditorium. Headlining the show were comedians Lav Luv and Ronnie Jordan. 

The show began with campus favorites disc jockeys GODJWINS Lamon and LaQuann Wimberly setting the mood for everyone and allowing them to sit back, relax and listen to a few songs, old and new. 

First to walk on stage was Lav Luv. Luv began his career as a comedian in 1996 at ‘Just Jokin’ in Houston and was disastrously booed off stage, due to him making a strategical error. Feeling determined not to let the situation affect him, Luv continued his work as a comedian. 

Luv began receiving print exposure on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam (96-97), BET’s Comic View (97-00), and the WB Networks’ Comic Escape (97) just to name a few. 

Luv has showcased for the heavy hitters in the comedic world such as Chris Tucker, Cedric “The Entertainer”, and even the late Bernie Mac. Jordan has shared concert stages with Earthquake, Mike Epps and even Rickey Smiley.

Proving to the audience that he isn’t afraid of being heckled, Luv began “roasting” a student who told him he wasn’t performing as he wanted him to. The comedian, who credits Atlanta as his stomping grounds, kept the crowd entertained and even shocked a few, poking fun at rapper Lil Scrappy saying “how can you be a thug with asthma?” and also saying he’s mad at rapper T.I. for claiming to be the king of the South, yet married to Miss Piggy. 

While Luv rendered numerous jokes, he also gave the incoming freshman class a few pointers, telling them they do not know everything, college relationships last only two months, and having a roommate will cause you to step out of your comfort zone, and perhaps use a few vulgarities. Luv acclaims Chris Rock as his inspiration, reflecting to the media about his most embarrassing moment ever. 

“I told a woman in the audience that she was not ready for me. She then ran onto the stage, came up to me and pulled down my zipper… I didn’t even have a comeback.”

Following Lav Luv was Ronnie Jordan, who entered the stage ready to show everyone he could fit in with everyone, emulating the popular dance move “Tony Montana”. Jordan immediately asked what was wrong with the air conditioning system, stating that this “is not fat man weather.” 

While his jokes were more censored than Lav Luv, Jordan didn’t hesitate in grasping the opportunity in receiving gut wrenching laughs from the audience, with one of his jokes about one of GSU’s female athletic team having lesbians.  

Having kept a wrapped honey bun in his back pocket throughout his act, he shared with the media that it was actually an “insider thing between my grandmother. I actually hate honey buns.

 But I love fruit.” Taking a few stabs at rapper Rick Ross and past American Idol winner Ruben Studdard, the Atlanta native closed his performance out by giving everyone a preview of his song “Snacks On Snacks” (a rendition of “Racks on Racks”). 

Before he bid everyone a farewell, Lav Luv came back onto the stage and explained to them that real artists no longer exist. 

“In order to sell a video, all one needs is slow music, knowledge of dancing or appearing to look like you are dancing, and a light skinned female.” 

Luv then showed the audience exactly what he was talking about, and asked a light skinned female to join him on stage. 

Not fully seeing his message being conveyed in a matter he expected it to be, Luv then asked for a brown skinned female to come onto stage.

 Let’s just say the entire auditorium was on their feet, cheering. When asked what did they think of the comedy show, sophomore Kelsey James from Miami said “I enjoyed the event, but my favorite part was the reenactment of the video.”