A different look

 Students usually come their freshmen year enjoying the scenery of “college life” and not realizing what the main purpose of attending college is really all about.  There are a lot of college students who struggle their freshmen year because they either didn’t listen to someone or they didn’t have their priorities in order. Now that some of them have learned from their mistakes, they strive for much more than the mediocre lifestyle.     Time management is essential to college life. “Don’t manage it correctly, you will fail,” said Dr. Douglas Thomas. There are so many activities going on and if you don’t plan out your day accordingly or practice organization skills, your college experience is going to be a struggle academically. 

Dr. Thomas also said, “Keep a spiritual life, God should be the center of your life.” Dr. Thomas has been teaching college for more than a decade. Practice keeping God first and your college experience will be a wonderful experience. Also build a relationship with your teachers because they are the last person that either pass or fail you. Always stay   focused on your work because that is the main reason you are in college. 

Get involved with the school and learn how to network yourself. You never know who you may meet and can help you in your near future. Always stay open minded to learning about new things, they are the very things that teach how to go about things. 

When you are meeting people keep close watch because everyone is not your friend. Some try to use you and get over. 

Your college experience is what you make it, not what everyone else says about it. 


Nicholas Hart is a sophomore mass communication major from Dallas.