The life of Brad Young remembered

“Brad loved football, but he made sure he got his grades. He understood he was wonderfully and purposefully made. He was loved by his Grambling High family, especially the girls” she said.She told Clair that she was a good mother and said, “We have to turn this over to God because it is too painful for us. God has called Brad to peace. Now we must find our own peace.”

Other expressions were given by classmates Dwayana Durham and Kedeldric Brown. The Class of 2013 and the GHS football team presented his mother with his jersey, a plaque and cards.

Musical selections were provided by the church’s choir, Ruthie Blow, Laverne Dosson and Paradise Funeral Home’s A. J. Ford.

Young’s cousin, Vanessa Leggett read resolutions Chad and Jacque, New Pilgrim’s Rest and Holland Grove Baptist Church of Arcadia, where Young was a member.

Rev. Calvin Young, Brad’s uncle offered words of comfort. He said, “This is an act of God’s love. All of us must meet this time, some of us sooner than others. You can call on Super Man (Jesus) any time of the day or night. In the midst of pain and grief, there is a God to offer you peace.”

The eulogy was given by Rev. Calvin Wortham, who based his text around II Samuel 12:18. He said in this life we will experience trials, tribulations and tragedies.

“The scripture encourages us that we will understand it better by and by. When you don’t know what to do, prayer always works. Prayer will do what no other power can do,” he said.

Young interment was held at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in Gibsland. He was laid to rest next to his maternal grandmother, Letha Sneed.