Summer time fitness hits campus

With the sun shining and the birds singing, it can mean only one thing, that summer is well on its way.But if that leaves you dreading to bare your flesh in shorts and skirts especially after the memorial day weekend of overindulgence – then what better way to kick start your summer regime than to get in shape.

While most of us are thrilled to slow down for a bit, the more fitness minded among us know that summertime is danger time. All of the work we have put in throughout the school year is threatened.

But have no fear. There are steps that can be taken to stay fit throughout the summer without disrupting the regular activities.

First, add an hour to your day. The easiest way to stay fit over the summer is to get up early. Exercise in increments. When the guidelines for 30 minutes of exercise a day were set there weren’t any rules about how it should be completed. Dividing them does not make them any less effective.

The next set of steps will call for a little change in your normal routine. Combine duties – Summer can be a bore if you don’t find something to do. So, occupy your time with more activities.

Then, step out of the box – fitness does not have to be boring. Joining a summer basketball league or a zumba class will keep you fit, socially active, and can offer a boost of confidence.

Looking better is not the only benefit as figures show that less than a third of all adults have a healthy body mass index (BMI) – which is calculated based on height and weight. The most important key to summer fitness is to watch what you eat.