‘In it to win it’- the Biggest Loser

Fitness and weight loss exercising will never be the same at Grambling State University. The Department of Residential Life, in collaboration with Terry Lily is hosting what is now the talk-of-the-campus, Biggest Losers GSU edition. The program is inspired from NBC’s reality series Biggest Losers, in which 12 contestants struggle to shed excess pounds by following a disciplined routine of exercise and dieting while facing the possibility of elimination. Contestants have to maintain their weight and shape by carefully managing their behavior outside of the controlled house atmosphere, with the winner being the one who is most physically fit across the boards.

Co-coordinator of the program, Terry Lily indicated that Tanisha Cousby of Residential Life was motivated to organize the program after recognizing that students on campus had become a little too lackadaisical with keeping fit and staying healthy.

Participants are placed on three distinct teams (the yellow, red and blue) to further foster competition. The program is not solely open to students, with a number of faculty members participating, indirectly fostering interaction between faculty and students. Dr. Stacey Duhon, VP for Student Affairs at the university is one notable administrative/ faculty member always present at the program.

The exciting thing about the program is that it provides a fun and somewhat relaxing setting where individuals workout together with others who share the same goals. From Monday to Thursday, participants bang start their workout with aerobics, followed by a calendar set workout ranging from the Cardio Circuit with Coach David Ponton on Tuesdays, the Total Body with Lilly on Wednesdays and Weight Circuit with Ian on Thursdays.

The program will run until the third week in July, with the final “weigh in” taking place on the July 25 where the winners will be announced.

Pre-law and English major, Imani Ramsey said she joined the program as motivation to work out with persons with the same goal as she, which in her case was fitness.

A member of the blue team, Ramsey acknowledges that her team was counting on her to do well. She encourage those skeptical to put all doubts and fears aside, assuring them that hard work will pay off in the end.