Grambling High grads moving forward

Thirty-nine seniors elatedly walked across the stage on May 23 in celebration of their graduation. The graduation was an evening ceremony held in the Frederick Hobdy Center.

As the graduates and faculty marched in, the Grambling High School Band played. Family and friends yelled and cheered as the students immersed from the tunnels onto the floor of the Center.

After everyone was settled, Ryan Willis and Tatianna McPeak led the invocation and the pledge.

Helping to move the program along, Principal Sandra M. Boston made the welcoming remarks and recognized the special guests that were in attendance.

Next, the salutatorians gave their addresses. Two beautiful young ladies proved that being involved in school activities along with keeping up with school studies can be achieved.

Victoria Hill and Nakita Turner maintained two of the highest grade point averages throughout their four years of high school.

Once they finished speaking and returned back to their seats, Darilyn Robinson came forth for a musical selection.

The valedictorian, Quentin Loyd, then gave his speech.
He wanted to let everyone coming after him to know that they hold the power of the world in their hands.

Tiffany Bates, the school counselor, announced the awards that were offered to the graduates. Jamicia Albritton presented the scholarships awarded from GSU. The students awarded scholarships from various organizations were:
Jimya Boston- Delta Sigma Theta (Grambling Alumnae Chapter -$400); AKA (Epsilon Psi Omega Chapter -$500); Ruby Cole Murphy Memorial Cash Award -$1,000
Ashley Hassen- Delta Sigma Theta (Grambling Alumnae Chapter -$400)
Diwanetra Hill (Rogers C. Jackson Memorial Scholarship -Memorial Funeral Home -$200)
Victoria Hill- Delta Sigma Theta (Grambling Alumnae Chapter -$400); AKA (Omicron Iota Omega Chapter -$1,000); Jonathan Hicks -$250 (Springhill BC); (Rogers C. Jackson Memorial Scholarship -Memorial Funeral Home -$200) TOPS Eligible
Keshun Hudson- Zion Traveler BC
Susanne Kenner- Doris Holland Meredith Memorial Scholarship (New Hebron MBC, Arcadia -$500)
Gabreonna Levingston- Paul Millsap Scholarship -$1000
Jazmine Levingston- Calloway-Thomas (New Hopewell BC) -$250
Quentin Loyd- ULL Ldrshp? $500 per semester/CAU Dean’s Scholarship $75,648 over 4 years; TOPS Eligible
Gregory Manning- D.M. Brown (Liberty Hill Bapt. Association) $500
Sabrina McConnell- GSU Track -$5,614.80
Tatianna McPeak- TOPS Eligible
Tyriel Rolling- CCC Baseball Ltr of Intent
Julian Tellis- TOPS Eligible
Nakita Turner- TOPS Eligible
Ryan Willis- D.M. Brown (Liberty Hill Bapt. Assoc.) $500; Tech Choral Service Award ($200 per quarter) & Dorm Scholarship ($860 per quarter) = $3,180 & Super Scholarship ($400 per quarter for 4 yrs) & Performing Arts Outstanding Student Talent Scholarship ($1,200 per yr for 4 years) TOPS Eligible

Towards the end of the ceremony a slide show was presented of all of the graduates. The crowd was full of oohs, awe’s, laughs and giggles as pictures flashed revealing baby pictures, graduation pictures and present-day pictures. It was a sentimental touch that was added to the graduation that made it more personal. It was something for everyone to enjoy.

At last, Sandra M. Boston led the presentation of diplomas. With a feeling of liberation after walking across that stage with their diplomas they lined back up in their chairs, turned their tassels and threw up their hats.

These graduates are now young adults who have been prepared to go out into the world and learn how to survive and provide for themselves. Best wishes to their new beginnings.