A Student Perspective

Father’s Day is a holiday on the third Sunday in June where people can show gratitude to their fathers. Although not as highly regarded as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day deserves just as much attention. One might wonder what makes a father special. What makes a father not a father, but a “dad”? Fathering a child does not make a person a father. There are many responsibilities you must take on and characteristics you must have to be a “father.”

A dad is a male who is credited for helping conceive the child. Because of this, I believe that any male can be a dad. Fathers, however, are almost the complete opposite of dads. They, unlike fathers, hold certain characteristics very few fathers can ever attain.

The first quality fathers have is love for their child no matter what. Fathers have the ability to love their child unconditionally.

Discipline is also a worthy quality to have.

Fathers know how to straighten their child up if they try to test either one of their parents, no matter how much their child might hate it.

However, one of my favorite characteristics is that fathers are always able to help you up when you fall down.

A child can always look to their father for words of encouragement or uplifting. I conclude with saying that any male can be a dad, but it takes a little something extra to be a “father.”

Sierra Napoleon is an eighth-grader at Ruston Junior High School and a future journalist.