Will the violence ever stop at GSU?

Why do people feel that violence will solve their problems? Why use guns and endanger lives? With only two weeks left in school, Grambling police were called around 3:00 a.m. Saturday to respond to a shooting on campus in one of the dorms. Police reported there were no injuries, but two damaged cars.


Some students say the shooting could have come from a party that happened Friday night before the incident. It was reported that a fight broke out and escalated into a shooting later.


I am the owner of one of the damaged cars. I was just getting out of the shower when I heard about five gunshots and I asked my roommate if she had heard it as well.


I can remember myself saying that my vehicle better not had been affected and before I could look out of my window, my line sister called and told me that my windows had been shot through. I did not want to believe it so I had to go see for myself.


I was angry and shocked because I had just returned to school with the vehicle and has not been able to drive it for a week.

When I called my mother to explain what happened, she was just thankful that I was not in the car when the shooting occurred and that it is better to replace glass than a life.


Some students, including myself, say that Grambling’s campus would be a lot safer if it were a closed campus. The gates of Tiger Village Building 300 are rarely closed and this may not have happened if the gates were locked.


Even if the student does have insurance to pay for damage, Grambling should take that responsibility because the campus police were clearly not doing their job, according to GSU senior Sharnese Mitchell.


As of now, Grambling’s Police Department is trying to work with my insurance company on getting the damaged windows fixed.

Grambling’s crime rate is starting to become unbearable and with that being said future students will take that into consideration and choose not to attend this school. It is a shame that students now don’t feel safe to walk out to their car at night or in the morning because of what occurred.


Most students are against curfews, but it seems as though they need to be put back into effect. What can we do as a university to solve this problem?


Will the “Black on Black” crime ever cease? When will Grambling Police get on their job so that we will not have future problems such as this?