School of Nursing Job Fair draws crowd

Students interested in the field of nursing enjoyed a fun and rewarding day as they were given the opportunity to interview and obtain general information from hospitals and companies about employment opportunities. Numerous students turned out to participate in the showcase of career opportunities at the job fair event, which was sponsored by The School of Nursing on April 28.


Over 3 hospitals from the region were in attendance seeking recruitment of students as newly graduated Registered Nurses from a BSN program. It provided students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with what the different companies had to offer and to meet possible team members. This event was beneficial to many as they were granted networking opportunities with recruiters.


Companies such as St. Francis Medical Center, Glenwood RMC and LSUE.A. Conway Medical Center transformed classrooms with exhibition tables displaying colorful brochures, pens, cups, pencils, sticker notes and candy.


“It is very useful for Nursing graduates to be able to find out about different areas in the hospital where they are willing to work and what to expect in these areas,” said Charles Armstrong, a senior Nursing major from Bastrop.


Nursing recruiters from the health care companies’ interacted with students and educated them about the different reasons why they should consider their organization as the place to begin their career.


Chelsea Abney, senior Nursing major from Grambling, said “The job fair was very helpful for me to get information on jobs and benefits.” Abney noted that she feels more relaxed and better about the job field.


The job fair was a great success for many students as they explored opportunities in the nursing field, networked and spoke to professionals. Erma Bradley, a senior Nursing major from Tallulah, said, the event was very informative and is going to work well for the graduating class in terms of getting jobs and entering the field of work.