‘For Colored girls’ adaptation thrills

I was taken on a roller coaster of emotions while listening to the depressing tales of life centered around African American women in society. They were dealing with issues challenging their strength, homosexuality situations and fighting the power to not end their journey. Pearls of Wisdom was an adaptation of 1975’s Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.

These notions have given these women a voice that allowed the

audience to capture their raw emotional state. The showed opened Friday and the final show was Sunday.

The adaptation was brought to the Floyd L. Sandle stage by Teshia “Smiley” Lincoln, a Grambling State alumna who is pursuing her doctorate.

Lincoln’s production also involved her as a character. Her involvement hits close to home because she knows issues society faces.

This coincides with her platform, B.A.B.Y. (Building a Better You); involvement in the community is one of her duties as she was crown Miss Black Shreveport.

She wants to send the message that we are all humans regardless of our race or sexual orientation.

One of the scenes that have become embedded in my mind was when the young woman who has given not just her body but also the substance of her spirit.

A lot of the scenes one could interpret where the symbolism comes in.

Each of these women started rough and damaged, but were transformed into a rare gem worth keeping and cherishing.

With the film For Colored Girls, Pearls of Wisdom gave a reprieve from the graphic images that were portrayed in the movie.

“Pearls of Wisdom is not just a show about women and their problems with men, but finally realizing that they’re worth so much more,” says Tiana Alexander theatre major and actress in the production.

The heart of the play was when all the women united and stood strong deciding they would no longer become victims,but pillars of wisdom. A lot of Lincoln’s direction not only came from Dr. Godwin, department head, but also Karl Norman who was her mentor in her undergraduate years his acting and directing classes have helped in all aspects.