Creator of Fly Republic label ready for fashion flight

Fly Republic is “a way of life, all about empowerment,” says Reginald Robinson, CEO and clothing designer of the label.With the launch of his website, www. IAMFR.com, this 26-year-old entrepreneur is on the move, setting the standard for clothing with a message to be inspiring and the best one can be.

The slogan is “Conquer your Shyness Embrace your Flyness.”


Q: What is Fly Republic?

A: A Clothing label that is a way of life, empowerment. FLY is an acronym Faith, Love, Yourself. Faith in God, Love in your heart and believe in Yourself.

Republic of course meaning for the people.


Q: When did Fly Republic come into existence?

A: It started in 2009 when I came to Grambling State University a little bit before Homecoming. I started planning the idea and made if official by having it LLC’d. (LLC stands for a limited liability company, which protects businesses.)


Q: How does FLY differ from other clothing brands, businesses, and empowerment movements?

A: Well, the thing is we strive for what the brand stands for, the virtues of the brand, which are faith, love and believing in you.

There are lots of clothing lines that provide a lifestyle of money, cars and clothes. But, we want to tell the public you’re fly by having faith, love and believing in yourself. Those are attributes one needs to possess. You have to believe in yourself first, have love for your neighbor and, most importantly, have faith in God.


Q: “Conquering your Shyness?”

A: The concept comes from overcoming those obstacles and challenges that hold you back. Pretty much embrace your flyness, who you are as a person.


Q: Where do you see Fly Republic in the future?

A: I think it going to be huge, as big as the people make it. Even for myself, I’m a dreamer, but at the same time call myself a “go-getter.” This summer I am moving to Los Angeles to pursue the dream even more. I have a younger brother who is graduating from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), and we will begin our collaboration.


Q: Who is FLY’s target audience?

A: Fly Republic is for everyone but mainly geared toward young men from the ages of 12 to 27. Whether you are red, black, green, white, big or small, it’s for everyone.


Q: Who inspires you and where does your inspiration come from?

A: First and foremost, God, but it’s so many individuals that had negative intentions that inspired me. Pharrell Williams inspires me. He is one person I look at from a business standpoint.

Growing up it’s funny because I was picked on for always dressing for the occasion. My mom always said, ‘If you are going somewhere, you must put on clothes and look presentable.’ I incorporated that and took it upon myself and made sure that I am presentable.


With Fly Republic sending the message of inspiration, other clothing brands in the future should focus on motivating their audience not to just wear clothes, but to become an empowerment movement themselves.

Don’t forget to check out the site www.IAMFR.com for information about clothing, life and how to “Conquer your Shyness.”


Robinson, a native of New Orleans, is a graduating marketing senior.