Tigerfest crawfish boil makes splash with students

As part of Tigerfest activities at Grambling State University, Tiger Village hosted a crawfish boil. Over approximately 700 students were served crawfish with potatoes and corn.Tanishua N. Williams. Property Manager of Tiger Village Ph I & II /Ambling Management, said they sponsor this activity to show appreciation to all Tiger Village residents.
“This is my second year hosting this event; due to the success of it I will do my best to have this event every year. I purchased over 2000 pounds of crawfish with potatoes and corn,” she said.

Williams said she was assisted by Anthony Jackson, Director of Housing, and his Residential Life staff.

Jackson said, “I thought the crawfish boil was a great success. Everybody did a great job putting it together, and I am glad that the students liked it.

GSU student Terra Lavalais, a freshman majoring in psychology, said having the crawfish boil was a good idea because it gave students an opportunity to mingle with people they are usually not around.

Although the Pineville native (who is no novice when it comes to the Louisiana freshwater crustacean) would have liked the crawfish a little spicier, she still enjoyed them and said it was a good experience for students.

She said, “The crawfish boil is a good annual event because some people, especially those from up north, who do not know what crawfish are, got a chance to experience them.”

Justin Williams, a California native, enjoyed the crawfish boil. “It was a good experience. I learned how to eat them, open them,” said the sophomore majoring in psychology.

Tanishua said the crawfish boil is something that she always did at Texas Southern, so when she came to Grambling as the new property manager in September 2009, she decided to continue doing the crawfish boil.

“Last year I provided 1,000 pounds and was out of crawfish within less than two hours,” she said. “So this year I decided to make sure I had more so that more students could enjoy free crawfish.

“The students really enjoyed themselves, and I was able to feed about 700 students, which was awesome,” Tanishua said.