Steve Brown defends Grambling, delivers Tigerfest laughs

Some may remember the 2011 GSU comedy show for vulgar statements directed at Mrs. Favors by Lil Duval. However, Alabama comic Steve Brown left a lasting impression on anyone who was in attendance.

Unlike many comedians who would have shied away from Grambling after the Charlie Murphy booing debacle last fall, the single father of four did just the opposite, by jumping at the opportunity to fill Grambling’s longing for laughter.

“From what I saw, (y’all) gave Charlie Murphy a chance. He just got frustrated,” Brown said.

“I don’t fear anything,” the high-pitched comedian stated. “I’m entertaining me.”
Steve Brown’s comedy career took off during his freshman year at Stillman College in Birmingham.

Rickey Smiley came to perform standup comedy for a talent show and witnessed Brown host the event.

After the show, Smiley proceeded to place Brown on the tour with him and Brown hasn’t looked back.

Brown, who got his comedic influence from Richard Pryor, kept students and faculty on the edge of their seats with jokes regarding everything from bad weave to consoling Ms. Favors after Lil Duval’s disrespectful rant.

It was obvious the comic had done his homework as well.

Brown made more than one reference about students stealing a university police car and the “secret party” students tried to organize in one of the classroom buildings just nights before.

“Who stole the police car?” Brown asked the crowd.

Brown also disagrees with the stereotype about Grambling floating around the entertainment industry.

“Grambling is NOT hostile. If I could rate Grambling on a scale from 1 to 10, they’d receive a 20!” Brown stated.

“Grambling is just a group of students that love school and love to have fun.”

Praises were on the lips of many students around campus.

Sheldon Cannon, a senior business management major from Edgard, was very impressed.

“It was a 5-star performance.” Cannon stated. “He gave the crowd what it needed.”

Tierra Winters shared Cannon’s sentiments.

“His jokes were excellent and kept me laughing,” the senior marketing major from Chicago stated.

Clearly, Brown left Grambling on good terms so don’t be surprised if you see more of Steve Brown on our stage, as well as the BIG stage.