Spring fashion, what’s in and what’s not (for women)

With spring comes the best part of the season, the fashion. It’s about time to pull out the maxi dresses and rompers.While sheer and prints are in, it’s hard to not overdo it. Sheer tops were all over the Fashion Week runways. There’s one rule to wearing the gauzy fashion casually. Stay away from the X-rated looks.

Leave something to the imagination. Wear a solid top over the fashionable piece so that you can have a sexy transparent layer peeking out of the bottom.

When it comes to print, it’s hard knowing
where the line is. It’s very easy to cross from stylish to the crazy-lady look.

But when done correctly, the “anything-goes” look is a winner. You should “stick to one or two colors when mixing and matching,” according to Glamour Magazine.

It seems as if Grambling has the most unpredictable weather.

That being said, it’s not realistic to wear shorts or skirts everyday. Some days may cause for full-leg cover up. After years of skinny-jean world domination, sleek 70s-inspired jeans have been reincarnated.

Wear them with wedge heels and a tucked-in top to elongate your body.

Whether you want to call it beige, sand or buff, neutrals are in. Mass amounts of barely there pales have been seen on the spring runways. If you think you’re beginning to look too pale in your neutrals, you can always add another color such as a black or bold red top.

After deciding your wardrobe of the day, lastly are accessories. Vintage is in. Simply go through Mom’s (or Grandma’s) closet to find true vintage items. Things such as watches, loafers and tattered totes will contribute to any outfit.

Big bangles have to be the easiest (and most affordable) way to update your look. Simply slipping on bangles in bulk makes your look more chic.

Sleuthing can bring you to finding expensive-looking bracelets for very cheap. Thrifting never hurt anyone.