Spring fashion, what’s in and what’s not (for men)

Gentlemen, even though Easter is right around the corner it doesn’t mean that you should look like an advertisement for Crayola crayons. Certain colors make us stand out and represent our emotions, but to embrace it makes a difference. Every hue is not made for everyone.

The colors of the seasons are gathered like a bouquet. If you are not careful can cause a big clash of colors.

You have to know what clothing looks presentable, flattering and is worth investing in.

Even though dressing to capture the eye requires a thought process, it also requires an understanding of the fit and range of the clothing style.

Dress to complement the environment without forgetting to represent individualism. Factor in hurdles when challenges may arise such as height issues, size and textures.

Don’t forget to invest in pieces that can be worn all season long.

Bold colors and styles should not be surprising on gentlemen. If it’s not comfortable, believe it will show in your stance. Know when to make an entrance from cozy to casual and from loose to tailored not tight.

Adapt polos and khakis and step away from the dark denim and heavy sweaters that leave you in a sweat. It is also necessary to wear comfortable and flattering footwear that compliments an outfit or style.

Casual clothing, get rid of the workman’s boots that are heavy as the materials used to make them.

There are so many alternatives for shoes, especially sandals, toms and slides. In addition, limit how many color options you’re left to consult over. It can become overwhelming.

Keep it simple. That way you can save money and time and still look great and dressed for the occasion.

At least throw on a fedora or shades to complete an outfit. Remember to dress for the season not for the day.

For more fashion tips, visit sites such as mensvogue.com or Gentleman’s Quarterly (www.gq.com).

They offer styling and options for all budgets.