Grambling State’s library creates its own story

The A.C. Lewis Memorial Library services were first offered at what is now Grambling State University in 1933. Two years later records describes a collection of 437 books, eight magazines, one newspaper, and a repair budget of $337.

In 1962, library resources were moved to the present struce, named in honor of Arthur Cullen Lewis, supervisor of Negro education in the state of Louisiana in the 1930s.

He seldom came to the campus without bringing a few books to add to the impoverished collection.

Today the library serves as the information and knowledge center for the students and faculty. It provides quality services and equitable access to resources in all formats, which effectively implement, support, and enrich the university’s mission and goals.

There are more than 120 PCs connected to the library’s Local Area Network (LAN), which provides access to all library electronic resources.

A student lab with approximately 25 PCs will allow students Internet access and the ability to establish accounts, typing and printing at no cost, and accessing the library’s electronic resources.