Grambling Grammys & controversy in the ‘G’

The Favrot Student Union Board presented the Grambling Grammys Monday night in T.H. Harris Auditorium.The rousing event boasted substantial attendance and was one of the early Tigerfest activities.

While collegiate superlatives and vanity were enough to attract numbers, the occasion was also historic.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever had this,” said “Coach” David Ponton before adding that he hoped it could be done again.

No notable gathering goes without controversy, and the Grambling Grammys had its fill of speculation plus street committee commentary before guests even walked down the silver “red carpet.”

Although many students expressed concerns about the validity of having the Grammys and some took to Twitter about how uneventful the gathering would be, the award show was entertaining in a reality television meets higher education way.

It highlighted the hodgepodge identity of Grambling State University students and gave them a chance to be campus celebrities.

Performances during the show included members of Sigma Alpha Iota, Lyrical Quest, and a rap/R&B collaborative effort from Sirarminius Williams and Khalil Eady.

Criminal justice senior Nicholas Williams caused a stir when he pulled a Kanye West style interruption after mass communication freshman Jeremy Smith won the “most handsome” award.

Smith was in class during the Grammys.
Williams said that he didn’t know who Smith was, but he believed that he should have gotten the award.

He later apologized upon receiving the “most popular” award for the senior class.
Some highlight awards from the nearly two-hour show included:

Best ride – Alyson Walker
Best haircut – Glynn Price
Most likely to succeed- Solange Sayers
Best fraternity- Alphas
Best sorority- Deltas
Best dressed female- Laketha Matthews
Best smile – Demi Spencer
Most athletic male – Frank Warren
Most athletic female – Secrett Anderson

More interesting than some of the seemingly rigged winners were the song choices for certain people’s descent to the stage.

Director of Residential Life Anthony Jackson took the stage to Soulja Slim’s “Pay For It.”

Miss Grambling State University took the stage to Young Jeezy’s “My President is Black.”

Even Grambling State teachers got in on some of the fun. Speech professor Nicholas Harrison accepted the “best professor” award on behalf of history professor Dr. Jimmy McJamerson.

Something about the Grambling Grammys and its suspect selections, Kanye style interruptions and interesting song choices spoke to the chaotic and cohesive culture of Grambling.