Brotherhood to hold meeting

The Order of Brotherhood will host a meeting for interested GSU males who want to learn more about the organization. The meeting will be held Saturday, April 9 at 10:30 a.m. until 12 p.m. at 405 Penny Lane Apt., #5 in Ruston.

The Mission of the Order of Brotherhood is a Social Organization bonded together for the soul purpose of the development of our academic, social and cultural minds and to perform as possible our heritage and to teach our heritage whenever possible, said Gregory Casmire, a member of the organization.

The organization was founded on April 4, 1974 at Grambling State University by students striving for the betterment of ones academic, integrity, and social skills that carry over from college into one’s professional life.

The Brotherhood promotes the academic arena by example and through teaching and demonstrating the vitality that re-energizes students of knowing the importance to maintain high GPA’s in pursuit of one’s endeavor that provides a winning combination for both the students and the university.

The Brotherhood stands for integrity, a key component that builds character and increase ones self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence and dignity to respect others through ones spiritual growth for the enrichment of the family, community and to help shape the future world.

The organization supports social events and activies of the university and community by getting involved and participating whenever possible and when called upon.

The Order of Brotherhood has been off the campus for a while. They are looking forward to be reinstated on the campus by approval of the university.

For additional information contact Charles Anderson (337) 580-4030, Rodney Washington (225) 362-1635 or Gregory Casmire (409) 549-3709.