Are you a part of #OldGram or #NewGram?

Since you have been attending school at Grambling, GSU has undergone major changes.
Some changes were needed, while the effects of others are yet to be seen. However, we can all agree Grambling improved its living conditions, dorms and the overall physical beauty of the Northern Louisiana campus.

Here are some of the classic memories from “Old Grambling” and the new memories from “New Grambling.”

RIP Bethune, Bowen, Holland, Knott, Douglass, Tubman, Truth, Pinchback, and Jones #OldGram.

Who remembers the riot spring 2008 that caused the school to be on lockdown? #OldGram

#OldGram – Who lived in hotels at the beginning of fall 2007 because their Tiger Village rooms weren’t ready?

#OldGram – Bricks on the side of the café were occupied nightly by locals and eventual dropouts.

“Horace Judson, What does he look like?” #Questionsthatgetnoreply #OldGram.

Charlie Murphy wouldn’t have gotten away with what he said at #OldGram, #imjustsaying.
#OldGram – Greek plots had benches, instead of just painted trees.

If you reside in Tiger Village 700, 800 or 900, YOU are a part of the #NewGram.
#OldGram – Men’s Gym; #NewGram – Assembly Center.

If you are a male living in 500 or a female living in 600, you TOO are a part of the #NewGram, sorry.

#OldGram – ENDZONE; #NewGram – PLUSH.
Conrad Hutchinson Performing Arts Center? Definitely #NewGram.

Comedy Show and Talent show in the same night? Definitely, #NewGram.

Dr. Frank G. Pogue – #NewandimprovedGram.

A mere three years ago, residents of traditional dorms such as Tubman and Bethune had to walk down the hall to go the restroom and occupy the shower.

Most freshman would say, “Ugh, I could never .”

Lest we not forget, this was reality for some current Grambling students.

Younger students should appreciate the campus and the struggle former Grambling students endured for you to be comfortable.