Alumnus co-writes book on commitment

A freelance journalist, Pastor Donald Lee, along with a high school classmate, Pastor Brigitte “Bre” Eaton, wrote a book titled Married to Commitment. A little more than a year ago, Lee was inspired to write a lengthy series of columns that centered on marriage and other kinds of relationships.

At the time, the Lord gave Lee the idea to write inspirational columns on relationships which also brought healing to many in broken relationships.

Lee began writing the columns, using extensive quotes from Eaton. As the columns went on, Lee shared with Eaton his idea to turn the column series into a book.

The two teamed up to author the book and raised money to pay for the cost of self-publishing through Xulon Press, a Christian publishing company.

By mid-March 2001, what started out as a thought became a manifested reality.

Married to Commitment can be obtained by
calling Xulon Press at 866-909-2665 or visiting its website www.xulonpress.com.

The book’s ISBN number is 978-1-61215-779-5.
If the local bookstore doesn’t have it in stock, it can be ordered for you.

You can also find the book at www.amazon.com
In Married to Commitment, Pastors Lee and Eaton dove deeply into God’s plan for man and woman.

Is there trouble in your marriage? Then perhaps your relationship is out of line with scripture. Many relationships are, or were, at some point in time.

But it doesn’t have to mean the end. Just because you or your spouse/significant other may have stepped out of line with God’s master plan, it doesn’t have to be a fatal blow. Couples can bounce back and live out of God’s purpose for your life.

The book is designed to be a tool through which God brings restoration into marriages that are on the brink of separation or divorce, and it serves as positive reinforcement for marriages that already are in a state of bliss.

Moreover, this book serves to be a blessing to those who are single (or divorced) and need guidance on how to discern when they’re in a God-ordained relationship or one that the Lord has absolutely nothing to do with.

And it certainly doesn’t leave out those persons who have no intentions on getting married or remarried.

The principles shared – if adhered to – should help enhance the ability to communicate in other relationships, such as those with family members, colleagues, neighbors and anyone else.

It’s about total commitment, the kind you’d see in a marriage.