The rise and fall of Barry Bond

If Barry Bonds was on steroids, do you think all his home runs and records should be revoked?On Aug. 7, 2007, Bonds hit a 435-foot home run, number 756, breaking the all-time career home run record, formerly held by Hank Aaron.

Let’s get right to the point.

Remember, we are talking about a player who holds Major League career records in home runs, walks, and intentional walks.

Bonds also leads all active players in RBIs, on-base percentage, runs games, extra-base hits, at-bats per home run, and total bases.

Babe Ruth wasn’t on steroids. Hank Aaron wasn’t on steroids. Ted Williams wasn’t on steroids. Mickey Mantle wasn’t on steroids. Willie Mays, who happens to be Barry Bonds’ godfather, definitely wasn’t on steroids.

But Barry most likely was on them.
However, Major League Baseball didn’t test for steroids up until 2005 so can you blame Barry for taking them?

Yes, we know steroids can harm your body and ultimately damage your heart, but in Barry’s case, did he do wrong?

He arguably can be in the mix for one of baseball’s greatest players so let’s take a more in depth look.

Since 1999, all the powerhouse hitters were on the “juice.” In 2003, Roger Clemens was accused of taking HGH, which is a performance-enhancing drug.

Alex Rodriguez admitted last year he was using performance-enhancing drugs in 2003. We know Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire were on them, and they broke single season records.

Jason Giambi took them. Jose Conseco even wrote a book about juicing up, but steroids isn’t what is getting Barry Bonds in trouble, it’s lying about it.

Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds’ trainer, was indicted by the federal grand jury for supplying illegal steroids to athletes.

During the investigation of BALCO, Bonds’ name came up in the mix. Bonds claimed his innocence, at first saying that weightlifting and supplements led to his massive weight gain.

Look at Bonds’ head when he started with the San Francisco Giants. Then look at his head when he ended with the Giants. It looks like a shiny bowling ball. Bonds stated that the cream he rubbed on his body was for arthritis pain, but the jury wasn’t buying it.

On Nov. 15, 2007, Bonds was indicted on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice.

Day One of Barry Bonds’ trial was March 21. First on the list was Bonds’ trainer Anderson. In the past he has refused to testify against Bonds leading to a year in jail.

If Anderson refuses again, he will go back to jail for he remainder of his sentence
The former mistress of Bonds said Monday that Bonds had threatened to cut off her head, cut out her breast implants and burn her house. She also stated that he became more angry and would always get mad when she wouldn’t answer the phone.

Last week in court, Giambi says “Barry Bonds’ personal trainer first sent him steroids at the end of 2002.”

Giambi is the first athlete to testify in Bonds’ perjury trial. According to New York Times, Giambi testified that he met trainer Greg Anderson after the 2002 season while both were traveling on a vacation. Barry Bonds trial is expected to last up to four to five weeks.

In sports nation’s eyes, Barry Bonds’ legacy is already tarnished. Many ex-players stated that there should be an asterisk next to his home run record list. Will he get a Hall of Fame ballot sooner or later? Either way it goes, Barry Bonds is misbehaving.