Miss Covergirl catches Midnight Train to G-Town

The Motown-themed 43rd Annual Covergirl Pageant was a major success. The night opened with part of the World Famed Band performing a Motown classic. Many had positive things to say of the night, surprised by the pageant’s prompt start and air conditioning in the perennially hot T.H. Harris Auditorium.

“Honestly, the pageant was well organized and I love the fact that it started on time,” said senior marketing and management major Tierra Winters.

“The judges made judicious decisions based on the criteria that we look for in our Covergirl,” said senior nursing major Isaac Payton.

“My favorite part was the opening scene with all of the contestants, because it showed a sense of sophistication, elegance and class. It was timeless.”

The opening gave the audience a mini-concert and brought back the 2010-2011 Covergirl, Brittney Brown.

“I liked when they allowed Brittney to have her last dance and walkthrough as Covergirl,” said Winters.

Brown’s highly favored solo dance was one to remember.

Throughout the pageant, Brown served as one of the hostesses. She took the true Motown theme and asked members of the audience what they were looking forward to.

Of course, the most anticipated was swimwear.

A new spin was put on this year’s pageant. The audience had a chance to score each girl.

While that did not affect the judges’ scores, it gave everyone a chance to somewhat voice their opinion.

“There were a few that I gave low scores to. However, the judges felt otherwise and I can’t argue with them,” said Winters.

One highlight of the night was junior mass communication major and the only plus-sized contestant, Brittney Scales. She was a major crowd pleaser.

“I think she did a good job. I gave her high scores across the board,” Winters said.

Payton also gave his opinion on Scales.

“It is far time that we as a society know that beauty is not measured by a numerical value on a scale, but by the internal value of their character.”

There was nothing but positive feedback about Scales.

“I felt that Brittney Scales had all the confidence in the world to do the pageant! I am proud of her and wish she would have placed,” said first runner-up Jouelle Young.

Another highlight was the talent portion. “[My favorite part] was a tie between Brittney Brown’s last performance and Gerri’s performance,” said Winters.

Winters was referring to the new Miss Covergirl, Geralka “Gerri” Jackson.

“… Gerri’s performance has been one of the most creative performances I’ve witnessed since I’ve been here, but Jouelle’s performance shocked me because I didn’t know she had those vocals.”

Young’s talent was the most talked about performance.

“That was the best feeling in the world and I’m not even famous,” said an excited Young.
“I think it was good exposure for everyone. It was a very exciting and overwhelming experience.”

All of the ladies did a great job, while they all had different motivations for deciding to participate.

“My mother tells me every day, ‘Leave a mark at Grambling’ and that’s what I did,” Young said.

“I may not be on the cover of the scholastic calendar, but I know I will be all up and through the yearbook,” said Young.

Miss Covergirl had another focus. “Not only do I enjoy competing in pageants, but I feel strongly about my platform, and winning Miss Covergirl gives me an avenue to implement it,” Jackson said.