#Gramblingtaughtme: Some hard-learned lessons

Whoever said Grambling State University was a safe haven for African Americans must be ignorant of what goes on in “The G.” A great deal of people have a misconception on the university that I attend, but I perceive more than the average eyes.

Around the same time as the Student Government Association and Office of Academic Affairs were addressing the possible elimination of 31 programs, I read a piece of literature that called Grambling State University a “safe haven” for African Americans.

I was befuddled. Immediately I questioned myself. “Seriously, a safe haven?”
I nearly got out of character when I read that. Being a student here I felt offended, yet I understood where they were coming from.

Having 31 programs up for elimination doesn’t help our case of standing for 110 years of tradition and excellence, so the anonymous writer’s perspective quickly became pretty clear to me.

Safe havens are protected zones in a country especially designed for members of an ethnic or religious group.

Grambling State is definitely not that, I feel like if the students here wanted to expand their knowledge then it’s nothing stopping them.

Rather than a safe haven, this is an institution of higher learning, a place that prepares you for the real world and not some get away paradise where you can escape the reality.

I’m not going to say that Grambling State University is the perfect school.

Of course, it has problems, but when it’s all said and done, you get out what you put in at Grambling.

The resources here are easily accessible and convenient to one’s needs. We may not have the best technology.

There’s always room for innovation. But, keep in mind that if you work hard and take advantage of the resources, then you are bound to walk out of Grambling successful.

I’m not going to list all of the successful people that University has produced.
Just be aware that people left here and went on to the Hall Of Fame.

Some are professional athletes, ESPN interns, and reporters working overseas.
On March 27, the trending topic was #highschooltaughtme, but, the local trending topic ended up being #Gramblingtaughtme.

When I read the majority of my followers’ tweets it was obvious that they learned an abundance of life lessons.

Not only will you learn things from your major, but the things you learn outside of the classroom will take you far in life.

Seeing the post of others really made me appreciate and respect my university.
You can be a student with the lowest GPA or on the Dean’s list.

Just being here on campus, you are bound to leave here a different person. I guarantee you will.

#Gramblingtaughtme, in order to be successful it all depends on how ambitious you are and your work ethic.

If you really want something here, then you have to go get it.

Competition is fierce on campus.

Everybody wants to be successful, but how willing are you to do the extra things it takes for you to make it to the next level?

Just like in the real world, nothing comes easy. If you want something, you have to work for it.

As well as being ambitious, another thing that #Gramblingtaughtme, was the importance of willpower.

It really doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have.

If you aren’t willing to apply it to anything, the mind is useless.

No one can see what you can achieve without willpower.

I am only a sophomore.My horizons have broaden and I look forward to seeing what all Grambling has in store for me.

As of now, I’m just following my path, looking to make new passages, and taking in all the knowledge I can so that life after Grambling is a great one.