We have different beliefs; can’t we all just coexist?

Peace, love and happiness are three values that are cornerstones to anyone’s religion, but at times it seems like everyone is at each other’s throats. I will proudly proclaim that I am a Christian of the Baptist persuasion. However, I am not as closed minded as many in my faith.

When dealing with matters of faith, the practice of accepting everyone as they are has become a rule of thumb.

College students spend countless amounts of hours studying other religions and cultural customs, so why religious and cultural intolerance does has such a strong presence is beyond me.

Coming into contact with people with a different life perspective than yours is what growing and expanding as a human being is all about.

The Buddhist view of, “All paths lead to God,” is one that I keep.

It can even be transferred to Christianity, in that no matter whom you are or where you have been, it is possible to come back to or find God.

Obedience to the laws and those in power is also taught by many religions.

Faiths teach you principles and give you basic life lessons to learn from that will ultimately help you to achieve the goals of heaven, nirvana or supreme understanding of what it is to simply, be.

I will admit that there have been times that I have typecast those of a certain faith into what I perceive their “heathenism” to be.

But with time and understanding, I have come to never examine another faith in reference to my own.

The action that I employ now is to relate aspects of another person’s belief to Christianity.

Through this I have been able to gain a true passion for learning new faiths so that I can be more knowledgeable and accepting, and in turn pass this on to my children.

In this act of perceptive acceptance, a universal ground that is shared in that we are all trying to pursue a good and faithful life to a power that is beyond our understanding.

Bumper stickers with the words “Respect,” “Tolerance,” and “Coexist” spelled out in religious symbols are favorites of mine.
These stickers spell out what our generation should be working toward not only in respect to religion, but also to lifestyles of those here at home and abroad.

No one religion, faith, or lifestyle is above another. We are all equal and should be treated as such.

It is not my job or intention put down those who have unbridled passion for their faith. However, I will not push my values of any person, nor will I put someone down for theirs.

The only intolerance that I feel is towards those who are ignorant and intolerant of others.