Is Jesus the new fashion statement?

It’s amazing how our society seems to always be in search of adapting the next fashion craze. But what happens when the next trend involves rosary beads in a necklace? Has Jesus become the newest accessory to an outfit? Of course emulating the cultural aspect, of one’s lifestyle can be seen as sign of gratitude.

But to those who demise a religious practice, this seems to have become a new form of popularity.

It is not forbidden, but should be treated with a sense of respect for religion.
With rappers and stars adorning their attire with rosary beads, this pattern has taken a toll on the youth.

This seems to be very popular within the community of the Protestants of the “developing church” who do not understand the practices of the Catholic faith or religion period.

This trend has become a part of the social population and is steadily increasing.

There is a difference between a rosary necklace and rosary beads, which the necklaces are made to look like a piece of jewelry.

A clear distinction is made between wearing rosaries as a fashion statement and wearing them as a sacramental.

The differences can be seen in church or building of religious practices and the club to scene to make or break an outfit.
This is not a form of attack when everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt until someone states his or her clear purpose for wearing the rosary. The rosary is a string of beads are used to count prayers.

The beads are used in many religions not just Catholicism. Its practices include Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.
the wearing of the beads it is very prominent within the Hispanic community as well. But to those who do wear the religious bearings as a fashion statement, how do you not feel a contradictory spirit? Where is the sacred factor?

As a practicing Catholic of 20 years I am reminded of these sacred entities not just the beads are not to be adorned as show and tell.

Rappers and jewelers are capitalizing on the sale of crucifixes ornamented with crystals and diamonds.

It’s like selling a false sense of hope and religion. This is somehow the belief of society: ” The shinier my crucifix is around my neck the bigger the Christian.