GSU Alphas win highest regional award

Grambling’s Alphas won Regional Chapter of the Year.
With zealous dedication, over 20 members of the Delta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. drove to the 65th Annual Southwestern Regional Convention in Houston recently. The camaraderie and brotherhood experienced by the neophyte brothers at the convention during the weekend only strengthened their fraternal bond.

Bro. Elvis Tillett on the convention, “The convention was great. I cannot wait for Nationals. I came back super charged and ready to do Alpha work.”

The Delta Sigma chapter went to the convention with the title of Louisiana District Chapter of the Year, Chapter with Highest GPA and Best Scrapbook presentation, 2010 Bayou Classic Step Show Champions and other accolades.

But that wasn’t enough for the insatiable appetite of the Delta Sigma Chapter. Regional Chapter of the Year has been a goal for the Delta Sigma Chapter since last year’s conference and the work has shown such.

Through vigilance, discipline and hard work, the Delta Sigma Chapter from Grambling State University won the 2011 Alpha Phi Alpha Southwestern Regional Chapter of the Year.

Bro. Dexter Harris said on the accomplishment, “It’s like a dream come true. I never would have thought we’d come from a dark period to being a candidate for National Chapter of the Year so fast.”
Winning Chapter of the Year was a monumental accomplishment for the Delta Sigma Chapter but the competition only continues. The Delta Sigma Chapter will represent the Southwestern Region for Chapter of the Year at the Alpha Phi Alpha General Convention in Chicago this summer.

Chapter President Bro. Ronald Pikes said, “It’s great to win the award and get recognition, but it’s even greater winning the award for doing the service to the community Alpha Phi Alpha was founded for.”
The Delta Sigma Chapter would like to thank their advisors, Dr. Walter Davis and Bro. Christopher Jackson for their knowledge, wisdom and support and the Epsilon Kappa Lambda Graduate Chapter for their tutelage and guidance.

Lastly, the Delta Sigma Chapter would like to thank the entire Grambling family for supporting the programs and attending events.

The Delta Sigma chapter looks forward to continuing to exemplify the aims of Alpha Phi Alpha; Manly Deeds, Scholarship and Love for All Mankind.