Catholic Student Organization hosts meeting

St. Benedict the Black Church of Grambling’s Catholic Student Organization (CSO) held an interest meeting. After mass students fellowshipped and ate with one another as they learned more about the church and the organization. The purpose of the gathering was to introduce new freshmen to the CSO, to help them become acclimated to college life and to provide students with tips for success and networking opportunities.

The CSO board is composed of Richard Barton, Jermilia Charles, Louise Monlouis, Zenia Norman, and Austin Richard.
Monlouis said the turnout was great. “We had a lot of freshmen to show up and some returning students.”

She said the CSO will try new activities and not charge for membership. A student mass will be held every fourth Sunday. During this time students will serve during mass. There will also be a games night.

“We got feedback from students indicating some want to read, sing in the choir and usher. Most of them signed up for two things,” she said.

Canicia Jules of St. Lucia, a freshman at GSU, said the meeting was good and informative.

“It was not rigid, but casual and interactive. It will draw students. I will read and usher in church,” she said.
Returning students also found the meeting informative and beneficial.

GSU student and St. Lucia native Naja Simeon said the meeting was very nice. “A lot of students I never met until this meeting. I am grateful for the food, and the sense of community was very nice,” he said.

Miss GSU Solange N. Sayers spoke to students about the importance of presenting a unified front. Sayers said it went well. The number of attendees showed an interest on the part of the students.

“The adults willing to encourage the students make it better. We discussed the importance of learning and using resources available to them on campus,” she said.
David “Rusty” Ponton, the CSO advisor, welcomed new and returning students. He told the students that he wanted them to get involved and become active members in the church. He told the students that he looks forward to working with them and expects great things.

“We are looking forward to a very productive year of spiritual and organizational growth,” he said.

Meetings will be held every fourth Sunday after mass. St. Benedict’s Student Center is opened from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday – Friday.