Miss UAAM crowned

UAAM held their second annual Miss UAAM pageant this past Tuesday. This year’s pageant was much more elaborate than last year’s, not only from all of the creativity of the decorations but to the talent that was showcased. The night started off with four dazzling contestants gracing the stage with bright smiles, shiny disco dresses and sexy knee high boots. Once the opening routine was over the ladies introduced themselves and gave brief insight into who they were and where they where from.

The four contestants were Gina Grant and Bianca Harris from Dallas, Texas, Devaan Carter from Tuscaloosa, Ala and Sequoia Burdine from Lompoc, Calif.

The hosts for the evening were Misty Powell and Andrew Smith, who were very enthusiastic and charismatic throughout the night.

Later on in the program the judges were presented. The judges for the night were Gloria George, Franciscus Jackson, and Teshia Lincoln.

Next, there was talent by Deron James who sung ‘Cruisin’ by Smokie Robinson. His performance was very entertaining, which compelled the crowd to sing along.

Afterwards, the bathing suit portion, one of the most anticipated parts of the pageant was here. All four ladies donned the stage with one piece swimsuits.

Shortly after the bathing suit section was over the lovely ladies of the Royal Court and Miss Cover Girl were acknowledged.

Up next was the day wear segment of the pageant. There were a variety of suits from pants ensembles to sundresses.
During the day wear two skaters came out to roll bounce and entertain the crowd as the ladies were on-stage.

Black Dynasty Modeling Troupe came out to model as a part of the intermission. Modeling to ‘Hot Stuff’ by Donna Summer the crowd went wild and the women screamed as the men walked around the stage half dressed while the men howled as the ladies pranced around scantily clad.

After being amused by Black Dynasty it was time for the ladies to turn up the class and present us with their business wear.
The ladies looked beautiful as they walked around the stage in pumps and suits.

This was also the question and answer segment.
Since there was no talent portion contestants were given the opportunity to answer two questions.

Some of the questions seemed to be irrelevant to how the future Miss UAAM would be able to handle her self and represent the organization.

The questions focused more on relationships with men than they did political views or community interests. The questions left many confused.

The evening wear was the last category of the night. The ladies all wore beautiful gowns. They came out one at a time gliding across the stage and announcing their platforms.

The last entertainment for the night was Sumthin’ Serious. They did a piece to “Last Dance’ by Donna Summer. Towards the end of their routine they fell into a soul train line and La’ Chatsia Robinson walked up to take her last walk as Miss UAAM.

When the girls came out for the last time. There was a lot of anticipation and it didn’t help that names and titles were being miscalled.

But, when it was all said and done Gina Grant was named Miss UAAM 2011-2012. Harris was awarded Miss Congeniality and First Runner Up and Burdine was Second Runner Up.

When asked how the pageant was overall, Salea Hayes said, “I enjoyed the pageant. I really did. I liked the decorations they had.