Book focuses on Black Christian men

A former Grambling State University dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Leon Whittaker, has published his first book entitled Black Christian Men: Answering the Call to a Life of Righteousness and Service. Whittaker said the message in his book is for all Christians but focuses on Black men.”We are Christian men and we have a call to live righteous and service our communities. Over the years, we haven’t lived up to how we are supposed to live as Christians,” Whittaker said.

He also talked about the scarcity of Black men in churches and being the head of their households.

Whittaker’s book has a universal but serious theme. He said that he hopes the message in his book will turn things around in communities, churches, and homes.

“Hopefully people will become better followers of Jesus Christ and use the bible as their guide.”

Currently, the book is available at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on the campus of Grambling State University and also at Avenue Christian bookstore in Ruston.

This book extends a challenging call for all of us, who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ to grow in our relationship with Him. The title suggests that this is a special call to Black Christian men, who should be the strength and guardian for the Black family, church and community. It addresses, in an abbreviated way, some of the many problems or conditions that seem to negatively affect many of black children, youth and young adults.

It is hoped that the real answer to our conditions will be recognized, and sought out. This message encourages Christians to cultivate a more sincere and effective daily walk with Christ, regardless of race or gender.

The books message includes five focal points: Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; answering the call to a life of righteousness, seeking and receiving the power of the Holy Spirit; Developing a consistent and persistent prayer life; and being always ready and willing to provide services for others.

Dr. Whittaker was born in Bossier Parish. His academic experiences carried him through the Doctor of Education degree, with emphasis in counseling and psychology.

He has served as counselor, professor, and vice president for student affairs at Grambling. He has also served as a pastor in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and director of Grambling Christian Center, an interdenominational prayer and outreach ministry.