Basketball non-wives

Cackling females, fighting, profanity, and drama (which is everything but wives) is what comes to mind when you think of the television show “Basketball Wives.”The title Basketball Wives contradicts itself. The show is produced and written by Shaunie O’Neal, the ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal.

That’s an ex before the wife, right? For those who have not been tuning into to this ghetto- fabulous show, the basis of the television show is women who are “affiliated” with someone of a basketball background, meaning if you buy anything Spalding, you’re accepted.

Ending its second season there is talk of cast members not returning. I wonder why that is? Cast members Evelyn and Royce to be exact. Royce stated that she is not returning because of the show’s immaturity. She is the girl who went back and forth with Evelyn on the reunion. TMZ.com reported that Evelyn Lozada threatened to leave the show unless she receives $20,000 an episode!

WHAT! Well the show would be dull in a sense because she is walking drama! Since they only get $7,500 a show I guess we can say bye to Evelyn. Royce has been replaced.There is talk of TMZ producers getting Chris Bosh’s baby mother Adriene Williams. And yet again, she’s not a wife! Is this show anti-wife or something? Although these aren’t all wives, some anticipate another season. Some just wait to see that funny girl in the Sun Drop commercial dropping it like it’s hot! Well, until then, my tigers.