Alumnus brings style to campus

Grambling State University alumnus Eric Banks has opened a full service barber/ beauty/ nail salon on March 14. Headliners is located underneath the Black & Gold Room and is here to serve the students.Banks wanted to figure out a way to give back to the students, so he was given a vision to create a sustainable giving model. He feels by the opening of Headliners it will be a good way to generate income and also give student barbers and stylists a great opportunity.

“Our goal is by leasing here that within its self gives back to the university,” said founder Eric Banks. “We want to create as much opportunity for as many barbers and stylists as possible.”

There used to be a barber/beauty shop on -camps, but they did not really cater to the students, Banks said. It catered more to the community and Banks’ vision is to serve the students, faculty, staff and community.

The unique thing about Headliners is their convenience. If you text or e-mail them, a barber or stylist will come serve you. Headliners works around the schedules of their customers.

In typical barbershops, the latest gossip is usually the water cooler conversation, but by the shop being on a college campus and the different type of clientele that they will be serving the conversations held in Headliners should raise your level of education.

The shop is upscale and Banks believes that when you walk your behavior, attitude and conversation should mimic that.

The headline barber of Headliner’s is Branden Love also known as B.Love. He has a good reputation around campus for cutting his peers hair and it’s no secret that he was Banks first target to work in the shop.
“Many students recommended him,” said Banks.

“A lot of students and my frat brothers recommended him, so I had to find him. In fact we found each other.”

Doug Williams, Grambling State University head football coach was one of B.Love’s first clients and Williams looked pretty spiffy thanks to B.Love.

For additional information and prices, contact the shop at gsuheadliners@yahoo.com or call 214-402-5599.