The pain of a good father

Unfortunately, we now live in a society where the custom of “baby daddies” leaving the responsibility of raising a child to the mother is all too common. Lost in the stigma of this stereo-typical world, are the unmarried fathers who do everything in their power to make sure their child’s needs are met.The way to gauge this alarming and ascending trend of irresponsible fathers is to look around at the single mothers EVERYWHERE who are doing everything in their will to make sure ends meet. This includes working multiple jobs and even subjecting oneself to public scrutiny to make sure their child doesn’t miss a meal, daily.

Mothers and fathers have different connections when it comes to their child.

Nobody can explain the connection between a mother and her child, but a mother. There’s something about conceiving a child, carrying him or her for nine months and going through the pain of childbirth that gives mothers that undying bond. On the other hand, fathers have a different kind of bond when it comes to their children.

Some people believe that if a child is born out of wedlock, the children’s parents should get married. However, in most cases this method just isn’t feasible. Just because a man can get along with his child’s mother, doesn’t mean he should marry her.

Also, I salute the men who manage to take care of their children, through divorce, separation, or any other hardship a couple may face. You sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Finally, to the men who have fallen victim to the system via an overzealous, money-seeking mother, persevere. While the child support system is necessary, there are plenty of fathers out there who do everything they can and still end up being unappreciated. Can you believe some fathers just want to be happy with their child without having to hear a jealous mother in his ear with something to say every two seconds?

So the next time you see an unmarried father, consider the leaps and bounds he had to go to get where he is now.