Program creators seek 100 men for new campus initiative

Men of Integrity and the Office of Retention joined forces to launch a Male Initiative Program that will seek 100 men to serve as role models for their counterparts.”The program will seek to improve and change the standard of the African American men on (the) campus of Grambling State University, since the direction in which they are heading is not a good one,” said the Rev. Stavinoha Bradley of Houston, who is chief organizer of the Male Initiative Program.
According to Bradley, 100 men, regardless of their social status and manner of dress, are welcome to join this initiative.

It will launch in April. Bradley said that they seek 50 freshmen, 20 sophomores, 20 juniors and 10 seniors to be a part of the organization.

Registration for the initiative is ongoing and as of last weekend, approximately 20 people had registered to become part of the group.

“Everyone is welcome to join, the Rev. Bradley said, since there are no specified standards for membership.”

“If your pants are sagging we want you . if you have a do-rag on you head, we still want you (to become a part of the organization) .
“We want to work with them and show them the right way, so that they in turn can point someone in the right direction,” said the Rev. Bradley.

Leading up to the launching of the Male Initiative Program, there will be four seminars that all 100 men are required to attend.

Bradley, who is chaplain for Men of Integrity, said, “The upcoming seminars will focus on morals, professionalism, service and attire.”

He said, along with Dr. Paul Bryant, it is hoped that by the fall of 2011, there will be a general improvement in the manner of dress and mode of operation of young men enrolled at GSU.

“It is understandable that we live on campus and we want to be comfortable; but, we are stressing that during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. that (the) adequate dress code is enforced,” Bradley said.

He mentioned that college is the training ground for future employees and once a graduate obtains a job they will have to follow a dress code in order remain employed.

The Rev. Bradley credits Dr. Bryant from the Office of Retention who is diligently working with Men of Integrity in order to make the program a reality, which will hopefully increase the graduation rate of African American males.

“This group of people will be a history founding group of people because they will change the direction .

“We are coming together to make a difference,” the Rev. Bradley said.
Young men seeking to become a part of the program can call the Men of Integrity office at 318-274-3135 or e-mail the Rev. Bradley at stavinoha.bradley@yahoo.com.

Officers of Men of Integrity, including President Steven Jackson and Vice President Erasmus Paige, can also be contacted for more details.