MTV ‘Skins’ is disgusting yet captivating

First there was Degrassi, which we all know “took it there.” Then there was One Tree Hill, which took it a step further. Now we have MTV’s newest hit show Skins, which takes it there, takes a crap, forgets to flush and leaves you wondering why.It started with a group of high school students on a bus for a weekend getaway. The trip was meant to encourage self-esteem and promote self-discovery; but, the only thing that happened there was self-degradation.

The students include Abbud, who is madly in love with his best friend, Tea, who happens to be a lesbian.

Cadie, our other young lesbian, finds Tea attractive as well; but, it seems that neither Cadie nor Abbud are going to get lucky with Tea at the camp ground. They are not the only ones not getting it on at camp.

Their two camp counselors, the young beautiful Tina and the obnoxious Dave, aren’t getting along much either regardless of how hard Dave tries to get with Tina. Things just aren’t working out.
Tina will not give any attention to Dave because she is busy having a love affair with Chris, her student.

When Chris is not spending time in Tina’s tent, he is giving metaphors to Abbud to help him lose his virginity. My favorite? “Go for the sick and the weak, like a lion on the prowl.”

Turns out Tea is the “sick and the weak” because Abbud’s friend, Tony, has no problem hooking up with her, despite her claims to be a lesbian. I cannot forget Stanley, the pothead.

He decides to sneak it (pot) on the trip through his anal cavity, which he later realizes is much easier getting in than taking out.

Together the students and counselors take this class trip and decide to get their own personal “trip” by any means necessary.

After a brief commercial break filled with pro-abstinence ads, drug awareness, and sneak peeks of future episodes, Skins returned to bring a whirlwind of adolescent drama.

The show included a moose being brought back to life, outhouses, sex, mushrooms, licking toads, vomit, fights, naked nature embraces, flirting lesbians, boners, love triangles, squares, and octagons, stretchers, and a psycho murderer who lives in the woods.

While watching I couldn’t help but think of all the teenagers and pre-teens who may be watching. The blur of these serious situations might stimulate their young curiosities.

But that’s a different matter.

In all, I must say I have never been more disgusted, insulted and entertained since the Jackass series. I am still wondering how they condensed just about every farce movie of the century in one episode.

Regardless of how many rude remarks that I made about the show, I never changed the station. I hate to say I loved it. If you saw the latest episode please do not tell me what happened. I do not want to be sucked into the world of Skins.

They already have an hour of my life and I am satisfied. I mean what else could they possibly do? What else? A good question.
Maybe we should all tune in every Monday at 9 p.m. and see how deep Skins can actually go.