GSU St. Lucians celebrate independence

St. Lucians studying at Grambling State University have been reminded to return to basics in order to make their political independence meaningful and sustainable.
The word of wisdom came from Dr. Martin Opokugyemfi, during a praise and worship service to commemorate the island’s 32nd anniversary of political independence, which is celebrated on February 22.Several God-fearing St Lucians attended the worship and Dr. Opokugyemfi on Tuesday, reminded them that despite the challenges experienced by the country, returning to the truth of God, which is the “Word of God,” will set people free.

The special guest speaker said sometimes people get themselves into situation because they chose to obey lies rather than the truth of God.

“Truth is not define by whether you believe it or not and it is not define by your attitude or whether you care about it or not”. He continued by saying, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” Dr. Opokugyemfi reminded the St. Lucians. He concluded his sermonette by reminding them that we need to return to basics to regain our independence and freedom.

Special prayers were offered by St. Lucians for their homeland, which is presently rebuilding after Hurricane Tomas battered the island late last year causing widespread damage to the island’s infrastructure and killing approximately 14 people. But according to interim president of Calypso, Geof George, the island’s homicide rate is also a cause of concern.

“We want to pray for our country because we have 17 homicides for the year and most of the persons are between the ages of 15 to 40 years,” George said. He said most of the deaths are associated with the illegal drug trade and gang violence, which has increased over the years.

Also present was Miss Grambling State University, St. Lucian, Solange Sayers, who used the opportunity to call for more unity among all Caribbean nationals. Miss. GSU said Caribbean nationals should always seek to encourage each other by lending a helping hand where possible.

“May we continue to support each other through the challenging and struggling times and yes, the good times too,” Sayers told the St Lucians. Supporting the call for unity was GSU Alumni, Julietta Gonzague who said that the hypocrisy among students must stop and we must seek to unite and share information with fellow students.

She said reports from the officials in St. Lucia indicate a drop in overall performance by St. Lucian students and she encourage her fellow country-men to keep aiming for the gold and keep the legacy of high achievement at the forefront of their minds.

The service was organized by the Caribbean Leading Young Professional Student Organization, CALYPSO, which has as its motto: ‘Leadership to Rectitude.’ The celebration will continue this weekend, where St. Lucians and friends will meet for a social gathering at a venue and date to be announced. During this event, there will be a gathering of St. Lucian dishes and music.

There are just over 400 St. Lucians students studying at Grambling State University.