Couples give relationship advise to class

Monday was not only known as the day of love but also a day to gain knowledge for personal growth.Dr. Sarah Dennis gave students in her Ethics and Leadership in Public Administration class at Grambling State University an opportunity to talk with five area couples about how they balance careers and relationships.

The couples were put on the spot by answering various questions reguarding their day to day lives. The couples shared with students their beliefs in regards to personal and professional ethics.

They responded to questions such as their definition of love? Being honest with one another and trust.

Many class members agreed that the session was an eye opener.

“The older couples had alot to say, about relationship, however their morals had alot to do with the way they choose their mates.

I observed each relationship was different yet the outcomes, love and success, were the same,” said Auctavia D. Grant, MPA graduate student from Los Angeles.

Kia Davis, MPA student from Monroe said, “Most of the couples talked about having values in a relationship and how to have a successful marriage. They expressed how Christ should be in your marriage or relationship in order to have a healthy relationship. They commented on having respect for your spouse. Respect is one of the most important values in a relationship.

They talked about marriage is the most sacred instititution of our lives. Its good to be financially stable and being able to communicate in a relationship.

“I noticed when the couples were asked the definition of love, smiles appeared on everyone’s face,” said Brittany Curtis, MPA student.

Couples attending the session included Willie (Freddie) Washington of Grambling; Woodrow (Gloria) Davis of Monroe; Albert (Sarah) Dennis of Grambling; Kartanya Bernard and Brandon Ruffin (GSU engaged couple); and Kiare Thompson and Breana Lathers (GSU dating couple).