Summit to feature Rev. G. Craige Lewis

G. Craige Lewis is a speaker who has traveled the world to reach the hearts and minds of young people with a revolutionary revelation of truth. His free admission speaking schedule includes: March 4 at 7 p.m. at the Monroe Civic Center “Theater,” March 5 at 11 a.m. in Jonesboro. Seating is limited.

He has been coined “the Apostle sent to the Hip-Hop Generation” by Janet D. Bryant, director of public relations for the Greater Jonesboro COGIC, sponsor of this event.

Lewis is best known for his ground-breaking series, “The Truth Behind Hip-Hop”: a six-part DVD series that comprises 15 years of ministry; part six was recorded in Canada and released Jan. 7.

“The Truth Behind Hip-Hop” series decodes, explains, and identifies the source of occultist symbols hidden such as: the third eye pyramid (which artists demonstrate by meeting their forefingers and thumbs), the numbers 666 and 777 (which can be heard when some songs are played backwards), and the use of specific language (innocent to the untrained ear).

Armed with his laptop packed with pictures, videos, and other media to illustrate his message, Lewis’ straight-forward approach to ministry is an event to remember.

The events are free but registration is mandatory; three ways to register: Online @ www.greaterjonesborocogic.org (video clips from prior presentations are available on the Web site) Text @ 318.533.5481 Mail @ send registration form to: Department of Public Relations, 506 Baker Street, Jonesboro, La. 71251.