Pre-Alumni Council to hold interest meeting

The Pre-Alumni Council at Grambling State University aims to encourage students to set short and long term goals, while realigning the priorities for success.

PAC is a student-run organization that works to establish a support system to motivate the ability and performance of Grambling State University to become effective alumni.

Jonathan Allen, Chairman of the Pre Alumni Council said, “In order for a student to become an effective alumnus, one must graduate on time and ultimately give back to their institution.” In order to fulfill their mission, Allen and his Pre-Alumni Council cabinet have implemented three critical objectives:
nEngaging students in Student-Alumni networking opportunities.

nCreating awareness about opportunities such as summer research, internship, volunteerism, graduate programs, and there requirements.

nInstituting forums, discussions, and the encouragement for students to attend speaking events.

PAC will play an instrumental role for the students of GSU by equipping them with added tools of success and ultimately helping to increase the percentage of graduating students yearly.

An interest meeting will be held Feb. 24 at 7:30 p.m. in Jacob T. Stewart room 121.