Mass comm alum continuing road to success

Nicholas Love is a Fall 2006 graduate of Grambling State University. Love received his baccalaureate degree in the field of mass communication specializing in the area of broadcast and is currently working on his Masters of Science in Sports Administration at GSU. During his stint at GSU his campus activities entailed: The World Famed Tiger Marching Band, The Gramblinite newspaper, National Association of Black Journalists and the GSU-TV Center just to name a few.
Because of his commitment, hard work and dedication to the organizations he participated in, Love gained notoriety on- campus.

While in school, he furthered his dreams of becoming a reporter obtaining an internship at ESPN. He was afforded the opportunity to intern at the World Wide Leader in sports for two consecutive summers, where in his last internship he took ESPN’s Mobile department by storm.

As an intern, one of his most memorable jobs was representing the department at the 2006 NBA Draft serving as a reporter. “Having an opportunity to interview some of the top prospects in college basketball and be in the same room with respected reporters such as David Aldridge, Doug Gottlieb and Andy Katz as a college student is a memory I’ll cherish forever,” said Love.

A month prior to graduation, Love accepted an offer to return to ESPN in what is now known as their Digital Media department.

“Being the only African American on camera from a digital aspect was a great feeling,” said Love. “I was writing, producing and editing my own clips, and doing so right out of college, it didn’t get any better than that.”

In 2008, Love created 29 Black History clips, two of which were on Grambling greats Eddie Robinson and Doug Williams. Love also created HBCU football clips that featured team previews, games of the week and voiced highlights on ESPN.com.

Watched from start to finish at a 98 percent completion rate, these clips ranked amongst the highest of all clips on each platform.

He also launched very successful power ranking clips that appeared exclusively on V-CAST and consistently ranked in the top 15, which was paramount in the start of his career.

“To perfect the craft of communication is one tool that should be taken very seriously because it can take you a long way along with building healthy relationships which allows you to prosper, sometimes its not always what you know but who you know or who knows you.

“Most importantly be a sponge and absorb everything from the people around you so you can build off a firm foundation” is the advice he offered for students wanting to be successful.

Now, the Director of Women’s Basketball Operations at Louisiana Tech University, Love expressed that he truly loves his position and the experiences that have come along with it.

With this being his second year on the job there’s not much he hasn’t witnessed on and off the court.

Love described his position at Louisiana Tech University as one that involves a lot of decision-making and gives him more freedom compared to his last job.

“ESPN required more of the journalist out of me while the position I have now is more administrative allowing me to see the inside workings of the world of sports rather than reporting and being on the outside of things,” said Love.

“I’m accountable for people’s children and developing them into women who their parents can be proud of.”

“I love my job,” replied Love.

When asked where did he see himself in the future he responded, “That’s the million dollar question people ask me every day!

“I have a unique skill set that allows me to create my own ticket because of the skill set both of my degrees offer,” said Love.

“My current job has triggered my interest in the possibility of coaching, so the future has endless possibilities and opportunities.”

Uncertain of where his future will take him, he confident he will be successful in whatever comes next.