Living it up for Rob

“Eddie G. Robinson is still bringing us together, and he will forever,” said university president Dr. Frank G. Pogue.This proved true as men, women and children came to join the Grambling State University family Sunday to celebrate Grambling’s legendary coach, Eddie G. Robinson’s 92nd birthday at his museum.

It is impossible to go to Grambling State University and not know Coach Robinson’s legacy.

Having coached over 4000 players, the 80 percent graduation rate of those players is evidence of who he was.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, elected city and state officials, and friends and family of Coach Robinson gathered in the Doris Robinson Banquet Hall of the museum to recognize and remember the legacy that Coach Robinson left for Grambling to continue.
As guests entered the banquet hall, there was a screen television running a clip of Coach Robinson being interviewed.

The ceremony began with a welcome from Attorney John Belton.

Lewis Temple CME Church’s very own Rev. Kaylan B. Walker gave the invocation followed by greetings.

Speaking on behalf of the First Assistant Secretary of State, Tom Schedler was Kyle Ardoin. Ardoin said that the museum had the most visitors in the past year than any other museum in the state.

“Eddie Robinson put Grambling on the map!” stated Grambling’s mayor Edward Jones. Jones said Eddie Robinson’s impact on this city had a major influence on the decisions he makes as mayor.Coach Robinson was also a man of opportunity.

He gave many people the opportunity to do things they have never experienced. Miss Grambling of 1975-1976, Gail Guidry Griffin was an example.

She said she was the first Miss Grambling to fly with the team to all of their games.

She said that she knew what it meant to proudly represent GSU every where she went, and still does so today.

She recruits students from all over, to give them the same chance that Coach Robinson gave her.

Heartfelt reflections were given by Coach Wilbert Ellis. He challenged everyone to continue to go above and beyond Robinson’s legacy.

He called for those who represented Grambling State to represent the university with pride, and to “bleed black and gold.”

Coach Ellis shared many memories including the time when they were leaving an away game, and children were asking for his autograph. Coach Robinson told the players and coaches they would have to wait to leave until after he signed those autographs.

The banquet not only was a celebration of what would have been his 92nd birthday, but also a celebration of the man that he is at Grambling State University, to his family and to the African American community.

Happy 92nd birthday to Coach Eddie G. Robinson.

He may be gone, but his spirit and legacy live on at GSU.