Grammy Awards surprises

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles. The Grammys were filled with plenty of fashion, great performances and stars.

The show featured amazing performances from Rihanna, Drake, Usher featuring Justin Bieber, Cee Lo Green, and there was also a star studded tribute to legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin.Lady Gaga also gave a phenomenal performance and probably the most memorable one of the evening.

Although the Grammys was filled with many great performances and excitement; perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was when singer Esperanza Spalding took home the grammy for Best New Artist. She beat Drake and Justin Bieber for the award.

As she was announced winner, there was a surprised look on mostly everyone’s face in the audience. Who exactly is Esperanza Spalding? How did she make it all the way to the Grammy awards?

Relatively unknown to the public, Esperanza Spalding is an artist who has been around for a few years.

She is a singer, composer and bassist who hails from Portland, Oregon.

Spalding performed at the White House. She appeared on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

She appeared on the BET Awards last year to participate in a tribute to Prince. Spalding has also performed at 2009’s Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

Spalding began her love for music at the age of four and was with the Chamber Music Society of Oregon for 10 years. She became a concert master at the young age of 15.

Berklee School of Music in Boston offered Spalding a full scholarship and she gladly took them up on their offer.

Spalding finished her education at Berklee early and was hired as faculty at the age of twenty.The same year she graduated she recorded her first album titled “Junjo.”

In 2008, at age 23, she released the album “Esperanza” and critics all over began to call her the artist to look out for.

Spalding’s latest release is “Chamber Music Society.”

Spalding is the real deal. Her intense knowledge and love for the music is simply amazing.

It is almost hard to believe that she did not win this award a few years sooner since she is really like a new artist. Her recognition for her talent may be a little bit late, but better late than never.

Finally, the Grammys are getting things right and paying attention to the talented African American artists that exist.

Spalding’s victory of winning Best New Artist is not just for her but other talented African American artists.

For many years other talented artists such as Common, Fantasia and India Arie have been looked over by the Grammy Academy; hopefully, that is no longer the case. Maybe our talented artists will get the recognition they rightfully deserve.

Spalding may have been unknown to most people prior to Sunday but that is now over.

Her Grammy win has caused the media to pay attention to her and give her plenty exposure. Pretty soon everyone is going to know who Esperanza Spalding is.