Waiting on Cupid’s arrow

Who do you dream of when you dream of the person you want to be with? Do you ever dream about that fairy tale love? Do you believe in it? Being a February baby, I consider myself to be a “love child.” In my dreams, I am that hopeless romantic who waits at the top of my castle for that one noble zealous knight who will go to the ends of the earth to rescue, marry and love me till death do us part.

I dream of that fairy tale love, you know, the one when your life is in shambles and as soon as you decide to give up on love that person finds you. He reveals himself like a magician appearing out of black smoke and comes at you like a thief in the night to steal your heart.

I dream of that fairy tale love, you know, the one when that man you’ve been longing for fulfills your every dream and desire.

The one when he tells me, the lady in his life, every day how beautiful, smart and strong I am. The one that tells me how great I look in anything I wear and helps me to become a better person rather than tearing me down.

I dream of that fairy tale love, you know, the one when the man holds his woman tight every night. The one where the look in his eyes is all a woman needs to know he’ll never leave and he’ll always have her back. The one where the simple stroke of his hand sends chills down his woman’s spine.

I dream of that fairy tale man, you know, the one when the man is strong minded and the size of his heart is all that you’re able to see. The one that captures the attention of the room every time he steps on the scene. The one who is understanding, gentle and forgiving despite your flaws.

In reality, people say there is no such thing as fairy tales. I don’t think that’s true. When I think of what a fairy tale man would be, I see him as willing to give you your hearts desires as well as what you need. Not everything that glitters is gold, so of course things will not always go perfectly and no one will always be happy in a relationship, but you can find truly good people.

I feel as though anything you both ask for, you should be able to receive. That’s why I hold on to my dream so dearly. I believe in that agape love, now I’m just waiting in line on cupid to shoot that special man’s heart.