World Star hip-hop revived

After a short shut down, World Star Hip Hop is back in action.Beginning in 2005, WSHH was created because, “The world loved hip-hop,” said WSHH CEO, Q.

“Everybody was going crazy for Hip-Hop, which had me like ‘wow’ when I saw it. So then I thought of the idea we are stars in the world of Hip Hop,” according to ckhid.com.

The well-known Web site shut down began an Internet frenzy between the Web site and a renowned rapper. Hip hop artist, 50 Cent immediately took responsibility for the shut down.

Reportedly, the Web site used an image of the rapper. 50 Cent said that due to this, it caused more visits to the site. From this, the rapper took to his Twitter to exclaim how much “power” he has in the industry.

The cocky rapper did not seem to have anything to say after the rebirth of the Web site.

“The hip hop web world has been on edge since the high profile seizure of several websites, including hip hop oriented OnSmash and RapGodfathers, by the Department of Homeland Security late last year,” according to birthplacemag.com. From this, the assumption that WSHH was shut down for the same reason had arisen.

The entertaining event gave viewers a show. Hip hop mogul, 50 Cent connected the shut down with an active lawsuit where he alleged unauthorized usage of his likeness.

In a phone call to Angie Martinez’s radio show on New York’s Hot 97, 50 Cent denied his initial statements about the shut down but left the idea open to possibility. Q later called the radio station to explain that it was technical issues with the Web site and that 50 Cent nor the government had anything to do with it.

World Star Hip Hop came back as strong as ever despite a few bugs. While Q blamed the shut down on “technical difficulties” all that matters is its return.